• Truck Driver Blamed in Fatal Multi-Vehicle Pileup on I-90 Deaths, Injuries, Now Named.
    I-90-10-vehicle-pileup-300x169The name of the truck driver facing two counts of vehicular homicide in connection with an Interstate 90 crash that killed two people and sent five others to hospital for treatment early Friday morning is now released….24 year old Daryel Rueda was held without bail during investigation...
  • Stagnant Air Alert/Burn Ban Conditions Could be Ahead Within Days
    weather satellite washingtonIt may be a good time to get outdoor activities, chores or fun out of the way today, while the weather is fantastic in Central Washington...
  • Innovative US-Australia Wildfire Fighting Program
    wildfire for blm storyAn innovative and international approach to fighting wildfires is underway with specialty meteorologists lending their skills both in Washington and in Australia.†The program takes four specialty forecasters called Incident Meteorologists from the Spokane office and sends them to Australia for weeks at a time, lending skills to help firefighters tamp...The post Innovative US-Australia Wildfire Fighting Program appeared first on KPQ.
  • Seattle Democrat Calls Out Both Parties on Ethics
    reuven-carlyle_2A state Senatorís frustrated his legislation dealing with ethics has not advanced in Olympia. For the past two years, Senate Democrat Reuven Carlyle of Seattle offered a bill requiring lawmakers to wait one year after leaving office before becoming a lobbyist. Carlyle thinks a rule is essential to ensure public...The post Seattle Democrat Calls Out Both Parties on Ethics appeared first on KPQ.
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